The Ventures team also provides consultancy services to New Zealand companies wanting to export their products and/or services globally.


The first enterprise to emerge from the Maven Ventures incubator is OnlyFromNZ, an online platform enabling Maven to source, promote and deliver the best New Zealand artisan premium products to the Middle East and beyond.

Our goal is to source, promote, and deliver the best New Zealand premium artisan products to the Middle East and beyond. We do this by identifying defendable niches for New Zealand. By working with customers offshore, we understand what appeals to them and what doesn’t, how and where they purchase, and pricing sensitivities. We identify potential New Zealand partners, meet up to confirm a values-fit, before working on customising (or creating) product, marketing and brand(s) to the customers’ in-market requirements. We can then manage the supply from New Zealand through our trusted distribution channels. We offer exporters and importers a trusted partner, co-located both in our home country and the Middle East.

We have no interest in servicing commodity-focused manufacturers or their equivalent markets and believe New Zealand’s true growth will only come from adding value, customising our offering and focusing on premium market segments. To this end, we are neither an aggregator nor a pass-through ticket-clipping exporter. Our remuneration models are typically long-term, mutual and linked to growth.